15 Netflix TV Shows That Were Canceled Or Are Ending In 2020

There’s always a sour taste left in one fan bases collective mouths once they were the most dreaded word imaginable popping up on their internet feed: your favorite show is canceled. With the world in a perpetual state of panic and lockdown, people have become ravenous for quality streaming content and the masters of Netflix’s original programming have learned pretty quickly which ones are grade A meat and which ones are doomed to crumble away as leftovers stuffed in the back of the fridge. No one likes it when their favorite thing in the world gets discontinued; everyone has a show like that at some point in their lives. Accept it or deny it, here’s what ending from Netflix in 2020

  1. The Crown (ending after 6th season)
  2. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina the teenage witch (final 8 episodes premiering end of this year)
  3. Dead to me (ending with season 3)
  4. Ozark (4th season will be it’s last but due to the Coronavirus, unclear when it will air)
  5. Lucifer (5th seasons airs August 2020 but a 6th and final season produced by Netflix will come at an undisclosed time)
  6. Astronomy Club (canceled 6 months after its first season aired)
  7. Turn up Charlie (premiered March 2019, failed ratings canned this show in April 2020 after one season)
  8. V Wars (The first season aired December 2019, canceled in March 2020)
  9. Spinning Out (canceled 2 months after it premiered in December 2019)
  10. Messiah (This controversial show premiered December 2019 and was then axed in March 2020)
  11. October Faction (this comic book horror series was canceled after one season)
  12. AJ and the Queen (A dramedy series made by Ru Paul, canceled 2 months after its January 2020 premiere)
  13. Atypical (A fairly popular series premiering in 2017, its final 10 episodes will air sometime in 2021)
  14. Insatiable (controversial series, canceled after its second season; announced on Valentine’s day)
  15. Soundtrack (canceled late January 2020 after one season which premiered a month earlier)