StudioCanal Unveils Official Trailer for Highly Anticipated Sequel “200% Wolf”

Photo provided by StudioCanal

StudioCanal is thrilled to announce the release of the official trailer for “200% Wolf,” the much-anticipated sequel to the 2020 hit animated film “100% Wolf.” Set to open Down Under on August 8th, this exciting installment promises to take audiences on a wild and whimsical adventure.

In “200% Wolf,” viewers will reunite with Freddy Lupin, the lovable protagonist who discovered he was destined to be a tiny pink poodle rather than a mighty werewolf like his family. Now, Freddy is back and ready to prove himself as a leader to his werewolf pack. However, earning their respect proves to be no easy feat, leaving Freddy longing for a more wolfish identity.

But when a wayward wish transforms Freddy into a werewolf and introduces a mischievous moon spirit into the mix, he finds himself on a quest to restore cosmic order before it’s too late. Joined by his trusty dog pals and faced with a formidable sorceress with a grudge against the wolf pack, Freddy must navigate a world of danger and magic to save his new friend and prevent catastrophe.

Featuring a talented cast including Ilai Swindells, Samara Weaving, Akmal Saleh, Jennifer Saunders, Elizabeth Nabben, and Peter Mcallum, “200% Wolf” is directed by Alexs Stadermann and written by Fin Edquist. Produced by Barbara Stephen, Alexia Gates-Foale, and Nano Arrieta, this film promises to deliver thrills, laughter, and heartwarming moments for audiences of all ages.

Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey where friendship, courage, and the true meaning of identity take center stage. “200% Wolf” is a must-see cinematic experience that will leave viewers howling for more.

Don’t miss the adventure of a lifetime when “200% Wolf” hits cinemas on August 8th.