Unveiling the Excitement: Disney+ Drops Teaser Trailer for Aussie Original “The Artful Dodger”

Disney+ has just pulled back the curtain on the key art and teaser trailer for its upcoming Australian Original series, “The Artful Dodger.” Brace yourselves because this eight-episode extravaganza is all set to premiere Down Under on November 29, exclusively on Disney+.

What’s the Buzz? “The Artful Dodger” dives deep into the double life of Charles Dickens’ famed prince of thieves, Jack Dawkins, aka The Artful Dodger. Picture this: nimble pickpocketing hands transforming into the skilled hands of a surgeon. This gripping tale unfolds in the vibrant colony of Port Victory in 1850s Australia.

The Plot Twist: Dodger’s past resurfaces with the arrival of Fagin, enticing him back into the world of crime. But the real curveball comes in the form of Lady Belle, the Governor’s daughter, aspiring to become the colony’s first female surgeon. From heists to life-and-death surgeries, and the harsh realities of crime mixing with the middle ground and gentry, get ready for a narrative of reinvention, betrayal, redemption, and love with a twist.

Meet the Stars: The eight-episode series boasts a stellar cast, including Thomas Brodie-Sangster as The Artful Dodger, David Thewlis as Fagin, and Maia Mitchell as Lady Belle Fox. Joining this all-star lineup are Damon Herriman, Tim Minchin, Miranda Tapsell, Susie Porter, Damien Garvey, Kym Gyngell, Vivienne Awosoga, along with New Zealand talent Albert Latailakepa, and more.

Behind the Scenes: “The Artful Dodger” is a collaborative effort with Sony Pictures Television’s Curio Pictures and Beach Road Pictures. Created by James McNamara, David Maher & David Taylor, the show is in good hands with executive producers Jo Porter (Curio Pictures), David Maher, and David Taylor (Beach Road Pictures). The production team is completed by Jeffrey Walker as Set-Up Director and directors Corrie Chen and Gracie Otto.

A Global Treat: Hold your breath because this captivating series will also be available for streaming on Hulu in the U.S. starting November 29th.

So, mark your calendars and get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions, cunning plots, and unexpected twists with “The Artful Dodger” on Disney+. It’s an Australian original that’s bound to leave you on the edge of your seat!

First Look Alert: Searchlight Pictures Unveils Captivating Trailer and Stunning Poster for ‘Poor Things!’

Exciting news for movie enthusiasts! The highly anticipated film “Poor Things,” directed by Yorgos Lanthimos and produced by Emma Stone, has just released its captivating trailer and stunning poster. Set to hit Australian cinemas on October 12, 2023, this cinematic masterpiece takes viewers on an extraordinary journey through the fantastical evolution of its protagonist, Bella Baxter, brilliantly portrayed by Emma Stone herself.

In “Poor Things,” Bella Baxter’s story unfolds as she is brought back to life by the brilliant yet unorthodox scientist, Dr. Godwin Baxter, portrayed by the remarkable Willem Dafoe. Under the protective wing of Dr. Baxter, Bella’s thirst for knowledge and worldly experiences is ignited. Yearning for a life beyond her previous limitations, she embarks on a thrilling escapade with Duncan Wedderburn, a slick and debauched lawyer portrayed by the talented Mark Ruffalo. Together, they traverse continents, creating a whirlwind adventure that defies conventions and societal norms.

One of the key themes explored in “Poor Things” is the pursuit of equality and liberation. As Bella breaks free from the prejudices of her time, she discovers a steadfast purpose within herself, fueled by a desire to stand up for the rights of others. This remarkable transformation showcases the resilience and determination of the human spirit, capturing the hearts of audiences around the world.

The film is based on the book by the acclaimed author Alasdair Gray, whose rich storytelling provides the foundation for this cinematic masterpiece. Adding to the allure of “Poor Things” is the screenplay penned by the talented Tony McNamara, marking the second collaboration between McNamara and director Yorgos Lanthimos, who previously worked together on the critically acclaimed film “The Favourite.” This combination of remarkable source material and the creative vision of Lanthimos and McNamara promises a captivating and thought-provoking experience for moviegoers.

Behind the scenes, a stellar team of producers has contributed their expertise to bring “Poor Things” to life. The film was produced by Ed Guiney, Andrew Lowe, Yorgos Lanthimos, and Emma Stone, showcasing their dedication to delivering a high-quality cinematic experience that resonates with audiences on a profound level.

With the release of the trailer and poster, anticipation for “Poor Things” has reached new heights. The visuals presented in the poster are a testament to the film’s artistic brilliance, capturing the essence of the story and its enigmatic characters. Combined with the intriguing glimpses provided in the trailer, audiences are left yearning for more, eagerly awaiting the film’s arrival in cinemas.

As the release date approaches, movie enthusiasts and fans of Yorgos Lanthimos’ previous works can prepare themselves for an unforgettable cinematic experience. “Poor Things” promises to transport viewers into a world of imagination, where love, liberation, and unconventional science intertwine to create a remarkable tale that challenges conventions and touches the very core of our humanity.

So mark your calendars for October 12, 2023, and get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of “Poor Things.” With its exceptional cast, mesmerizing storytelling, and visionary direction, this film is poised to leave an indelible mark on cinema and captivate the hearts of audiences worldwide.

James Cameron’s Global Phenomenon ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ Set to Premiere on Disney+ on June 7th

Get Ready! James Cameron’s Epic Film ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ Arrives on Disney+ on June 7th, Featuring Bonus Content with Filmmakers and Cast.

The highly anticipated moment is just around the corner! Following its groundbreaking theatrical run, James Cameron’s global phenomenon, ‘Avatar: The Way of Water,’ will finally make its debut on Disney+ in Australia on June 7th. This exclusive release will also include exciting bonus content, offering audiences an immersive behind-the-scenes experience with the talented filmmakers, cast, and crew.

Since its initial theatrical release on December 15th, ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ has captured the hearts and minds of audiences worldwide, becoming the third highest-grossing film of all time with a staggering box office collection of nearly $2.32 billion. The film’s immense success has also earned it numerous Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, while setting new standards for visual effects. Produced by James Cameron and his long-time partner Jon Landau, this 20th Century Studios-Lightstorm Entertainment production features an exceptional ensemble cast, including Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldaña, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, Cliff Curtis, and Kate Winslet. Joining the esteemed adult cast are talented newcomers Britain Dalton, Jamie Flatters, Trinity Jo-Li Bliss, Bailey Bass, and Jack Champion. The screenplay was crafted by James Cameron, Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, with an engaging story penned by James Cameron, Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, Josh Friedman, and Shane Salerno. David Valdes and Richard Baneham serve as executive producers for the film.

Prepare to embark on a breathtaking adventure as ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ takes audiences to new heights and uncharted depths, returning them to the mesmerizing world of Pandora. Set more than a decade after the events of the first film, this emotionally charged, action-packed sequel delves into the captivating story of the Sully family—Jake, Neytiri, and their children—as they navigate the perils that come their way, going to great lengths to protect one another and fight for survival amidst unimaginable challenges. All of this unfolds against the stunning backdrop of Pandora’s awe-inspiring seascapes, where viewers are introduced to new Na’vi cultures and a host of exotic sea creatures.

In addition to its availability on Disney+, ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ can also be enjoyed on platforms like Apple TV, Amazon.com, Google Play, Microsoft Movies and TV Store, Telstra TV Box Office, and Fetch. Don’t miss this extraordinary cinematic experience that promises to leave you captivated and enthralled!”a

Production Begins On Repeater Productions’ “Puzzle Box”

Cameras are rolling on the new Australian horror film “Puzzle Box” from writer-director Jack Dignan (“After She Died”). The film stars Kaitlyn Boyé (“The Furies,” “Home & Away”), Laneikka Denne (“Mud Crab,” “Feminazi”), Cassandre Girard (“After She Died”), Janelle McMenamin (“Interceptor”), and Matias Klaver (“After She Died,” “Risen”).

The found-footage horror film, shot in the same handheld-POV style as “The Blair Witch Project” and the recent international hit “Skinamarink,” follows the story of a struggling drug addict, Kait (Kaitlyn Boyé), and her younger sister, Olivia (Laneikka Denne). Running from a recent violent incident in her past and not wanting to go back to rehab, Kait flees to a remote house in the woods to self-rehabilitate, where Olivia joins her to document the process. But they quickly find that the house isn’t what it seems and the internal layout is constantly changing, trapping them in an inescapable puzzle box of a house. As they attempt to solve the mystery and find a way out, they discover there are far worse things in this house to be afraid of…

“Puzzle Box” is produced by Jack Dignan and Morgan Wright through Wright’s production company Repeater Productions. Dignan directed last year’s award-winning horror film “After She Died,” which is now out on VOD, DVD/Blu-Ray, and streaming on Tubi in select countries. Wright recently produced Ben Golotta’s debut short film “Lean” and Conor Mercury’s “The Fritz”, ” which premiered at this year’s Academy Award-qualifying Flickerfest Short Film Festival in Bondi. This is Wright’s and Repeater’s first feature film.

Production is expected to last until the end of the month in Sydney, with post-production continuing locally through to the latter half of the year.

Walt Disney Australia Release Schedule As Of May 2022…The Countdown Begins NOW

2021 has been a tough year for the movie industry. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to drastically affect the world, the year’s biggest films were caught in the crossfire which resulted in a number of setbacks and cancellations brought upon by the pandemic. However, Walt Disney Australia has decided to put some of these skepticisms to rest, with the company revealing their Australian release schedule for all their films until 2023. Without further ado, check out Walt Disney Australia’s release schedule as of May 2022.

The New Trailer And Poster For The Star-Studded “Death On The Nile” Just Dropped

A new trailer for 20th Century Studios’ “Death on the Nile is here. This tale of passion and jealousy, which is directed by and stars five-time Academy Award® nominee Kenneth Branagh and features an all-star ensemble cast, opens in Australian cinemas February 10, 2022.

Based on the 1937 novel by Agatha Christie, “Death on the Nile” is a daring mystery-thriller about the emotional chaos and deadly consequences triggered by obsessive love. Kenneth Branagh, back as the iconic detective Hercule Poirot, is joined by Tom Bateman, four-time Oscar® nominee Annette Bening, Russell Brand, Ali Fazal, Dawn French, Gal Gadot, Armie Hammer, Rose Leslie, Emma Mackey, Sophie Okonedo, Jennifer Saunders and Letitia Wright. Death on the Nile, which reunites the filmmaking team behind 2017s global hit Murder on the Orient Express, is written by Michael Green, adapted from Christies novel, and is produced by Ridley Scott, Kenneth Branagh, p.g.a., Judy Hofflund, p.g.a. and Kevin J. Walsh, with Mark Gordon, Simon Kinberg, Matthew Jenkins, James Prichard and Mathew Prichard serving as executive producers.

Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirots Egyptian vacation aboard a glamorous river steamer turns into a terrifying search for a murderer when a picture-perfect couples idyllic honeymoon is tragically cut short. Set against an epic landscape of sweeping desert vistas and the majestic Giza pyramids, this dramatic tale of love gone wrong features a cosmopolitan group of impeccably dressed travellers and enough wicked twists and turns to leave audiences guessing until the final, shocking denouement. 

Filmed with 65mm Panavision cameras in late 2019, “Death on the Nile” transports audiences to the 1930s, recreating many of the locations that served as inspiration for Christie’s glamorous, high society thriller. 

With audiences returning to cinemas, Disney has committed to an exclusive theatrical release for Death on the Nile. 20th Century Studios production president Steve Asbell says, Kens sweeping, elegant vision for this classic story deserves to be seen on the biggest screen possible. Were so proud of this film, our brilliant cast, and the stellar work that went into bringing Death on the Nile to screen. We know that audiences cant wait to experience Hercule Poirots next adventure, and were thrilled to continue working with Ken as he lends his masterful storytelling vision to the newest film in this celebrated franchise.

James Prichard, chairman and CEO of Agatha Christie Ltd., says, More than 100 years after the publication of Agatha Christies first novel, her crime fiction works remain immensely popular and continue to be discovered anew by people around the world. Im thrilled that Disney and our partners believe in this franchise, which has helped introduce millions of new fans to Christies classic works. Were honored to be in business with Disney, Ken, and all who are dedicated to preserving the long legacy of these titles for future generations.

Coming Soon To Rent Or Buy On Digital And DVD: Moon Rock For Monday

Set in Sydney, 1999, after an unlikely encounter at a train station, a young terminally ill girl befriends a fugitive teenage boy and they travel to visit a moon rock that the girl believes will heal her


MONDAY, a nine-year-old girl home-schooled by her father BOB (Aaron Jeffery) in Sydney. Due to her terminal illness, Monday’s only contact with the outside world is her weekly visit to the hospital. Monday’s imagination is captured by the Moon Rock (Uluru) which she believes will heal her and desires to travel to the middle of Australia to find it. By a twist of fate. She becomes caught up in a police chase involving TYLER (George Pullar), a street kid with a massive heart. Tyler uses Monday to evade the police, but despite the circumstances, they soon form a friendship.

They decide to go on the run, road tripping to the Northern Territory to find the Moon Rock. Along the way, they meet a cast of outback characters, some helpful and some not-so. Meanwhile, Bob is desperately trying to track his daughter down before DETECTIVE LIONELL ( David Field) and the police – who are out for blood. It all culminates in a gripping finale set in the heart of Australia, and a heart-warming end to a touching journey of friendship.


DIRECTOR – Kurt Martin PRODUCER – Jim Robison
WRITER – Kurt Martin PRODUCTION COMPANY – Lunar Pictures


Monday – Ashlyn Louden-Gamble The Bobbins – Nicholas Hope Nurse Roz – Jessica Napier
Tyler – George Pullar Johnny – Clarence Ryan Roach – Alan Duke
Bob – Aaron Jeffery Maddie – Bonnie Ferguson Elvis – Suzan Mutesi
Detective Lionell – David Field Moose – Rahel Romahn

Available to rent or buy on digital and DVD 8th September 2021

Digital Retailers:

Fetch TV
Microsoft Store
Amazon Prime
Foxtel Store

DVD Retailers:

JB Hi Fi

The Trailer For “The Last Duel” Starring Matt Damon, Jodie Comer And Ben Affleck Is Finally Here

Jodie Comer as Marguerite de Carrouges in 20th Century Studios’ THE LAST DUEL. Photo credit: Patrick Redmond. © 2021 20th Century Studios. All Rights Reserved.

20th Century Studios’ “The Last Duel, a gripping tale of betrayal and vengeance set against the brutality of 14th century France directed by visionary filmmaker and four-time Academy Award® nominee Ridley Scott (The Martian,” “Black Hawk Down,” “Gladiator,” “Thelma & Louise), opens in cinemas October 14, 2021.  

The historical epic is a cinematic and thought-provoking drama set in the midst of the Hundred Years War that explores the ubiquitous power of men, the frailty of justice, and the strength and courage of one woman willing to stand alone in the service of truth. Based on actual events, the film unravels long-held assumptions about Frances last sanctioned duel between Jean de Carrouges and Jacques Le Gris, two friends turned bitter rivals. Carrouges is a respected knight known for his bravery and skill on the battlefield. Le Gris is a Norman squire whose intelligence and eloquence make him one of the most admired nobles in court. When Carrouges wife, Marguerite, is viciously assaulted by Le Gris, a charge he denies, she refuses to stay silent, stepping forward to accuse her attacker, an act of bravery and defiance that puts her life in jeopardy. The ensuing trial by combat, a grueling duel to the death, places the fate of all three in Gods hands.

Oscar® winner Matt Damon (Good Will Hunting,” “Ford v Ferrari) is Jean de Carrouges, two-time Academy Award® nominee Adam Driver (Marriage Story,” “BlacKkKlansman) is Jacques Le Gris, Emmy® winner Jodie Comer (Killing Eve,” “Free Guy) is Marguerite de Carrouges and two-time Oscar winner Ben Affleck (Argo,” “Good Will Hunting) is Count Pierre dAlençon. The screenplay is by Oscar nominee Nicole Holofcener (Can You Ever Forgive Me?) & Ben Affleck & Matt Damon based on the book by Eric Jager. The film is produced by Ridley Scott, Kevin J. Walsh (Manchester by the Sea), Jennifer Fox (Nightcrawler), Nicole Holofcener, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck with Kevin Halloran (Ford v Ferrari), Drew Vinton (Promised Land), Madison Ainley (Justice League) serving as executive producers.

The Last Duel is based on Eric Jagers book The Last Duel: A True Story of Crime, Scandal, and Trial by Combat in Medieval France, which brings the turbulent Middle Ages to life in striking detail. When etiquette, social aspirations and justice were driven by the codes of chivalry, the consequences for defying the institutions of the time  the Church, the nobility at court, a teenage king  could be severe. For a woman navigating these violent times, one who had no legal standing without the support of her husband, the stakes were even higher.

I love working with Matt, so it was an added bonus to be able to work with him and Ben as both actors and as screenwriters, along with Nicole Holofcener, and I knew it would be a great result, says director/producer Ridley Scott. I had admired the show Killing Eve and had been looking for the opportunity to present Jodie Comer with a challenging role. Her performance as Marguerite will make her one of the great actresses of her generation.

This film is an effort to retell the story of a heroic woman from history whom most people havent heard of.  We admired her bravery and resolute determination and felt this was both a story that needed to be told and one whose drama would captivate audiences the way it moved us as writers. As we further explored the story, we found so many aspects of the formal, codified patriarchy of 14th century Western Europe to still be present in vestigial ways (and in some cases almost unchanged) in todays society, says Nicole Holofcener, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. We chose to use the device of telling the story from several characters perspectives in order to examine the immutable fact that although often multiple people who experience the same event come away with differing accounts, there can only be one truth. 

Check out the trailer below courtesy of 20th Century Studios AU:

Casting Is Officially Underway For HBO’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Prequel ‘House Of The Dragon’

It looks like HBO has begun the casting process for the up and coming Game of Thrones prequel series ‘House of the Dragon.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, HBO has begun casting for the much-anticipated Game of Thrones prequel named House of the Dragon. The premise is set 300 years before the current story of Game of Thrones, and it’ll apparently focus on the House Targaryen. EW also confirms that the pilot series has roughly around 10 episodes.

When George RR Martin was interviewed regarding this prequel, he said; “I expect to be involved in all of this to some extent… and, who knows, if things work out, I may even be able to script a few episodes, as I did for the first four seasons of GAME OF THRONES.

“But… let me make this perfectly clear… I am not taking on any scripts until I have finished and delivered WINDS OF WINTER. Winter is still coming, and WINDS remains my priority, as much as I’d love to write an episode of HOUSE.”

House of the Dragon will be based on George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones book Fire & Blood so we can’t wait to get stuck into this series!

A New Netflix Rom-Com Is About To Drop Soon And It’s Perfect For Everyone In Isolation

The current global lockdown caused by the coronavirus has everyone stuck inside their houses so what better way to cope with the isolation than to start getting up to speed on the latest romantic movies and TV shows in Netflix right?

If you’re a fan of rom-com then you’re in luck because Netflix has something special coming up for you.

A new romantic film called “Love Wedding Repeat” is about to be released by Netflix and it stars Sam Claflin and Olivia Munn. They’re joined by a notable cast that includes Joel Fry (Game of Thrones), Eleanor Tomlinson (Poldark), Jack Farthing (Poldark). Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire) and comedian Aisling Bea.

The film revolves around Jack (Sam Claflin) who tries his best to make it through his little sister’s wedding without any hiccups. Unfortunately, chaos eventually ensues created by ex-girlfriends, jealous rivals, and even party crashers.

Jack himself is focused on getting a second shot with Dina (Olivia Munn), the “one who got away” years ago. As he tries to maintain peace within the wedding guests, Jack also attempts to finally make things work with Dina.

BUT…. there’s actually a big twist in Love Wedding Repeat: each wedding day scenario takes place in an alternate universe, which generates a new outcome depending on Jack’s every decision. Cool huh?

Love Wedding Repeat premieres on Netflix on April 10th and we can’t wait – check out the trailer below: