Production Begins On Repeater Productions’ “Puzzle Box”

Cameras are rolling on the new Australian horror film “Puzzle Box” from writer-director Jack Dignan (“After She Died”). The film stars Kaitlyn Boyé (“The Furies,” “Home & Away”), Laneikka Denne (“Mud Crab,” “Feminazi”), Cassandre Girard (“After She Died”), Janelle McMenamin (“Interceptor”), and Matias Klaver (“After She Died,” “Risen”).

The found-footage horror film, shot in the same handheld-POV style as “The Blair Witch Project” and the recent international hit “Skinamarink,” follows the story of a struggling drug addict, Kait (Kaitlyn Boyé), and her younger sister, Olivia (Laneikka Denne). Running from a recent violent incident in her past and not wanting to go back to rehab, Kait flees to a remote house in the woods to self-rehabilitate, where Olivia joins her to document the process. But they quickly find that the house isn’t what it seems and the internal layout is constantly changing, trapping them in an inescapable puzzle box of a house. As they attempt to solve the mystery and find a way out, they discover there are far worse things in this house to be afraid of…

“Puzzle Box” is produced by Jack Dignan and Morgan Wright through Wright’s production company Repeater Productions. Dignan directed last year’s award-winning horror film “After She Died,” which is now out on VOD, DVD/Blu-Ray, and streaming on Tubi in select countries. Wright recently produced Ben Golotta’s debut short film “Lean” and Conor Mercury’s “The Fritz”, ” which premiered at this year’s Academy Award-qualifying Flickerfest Short Film Festival in Bondi. This is Wright’s and Repeater’s first feature film.

Production is expected to last until the end of the month in Sydney, with post-production continuing locally through to the latter half of the year.