Craig Silvey’s ‘RUNT’ Hits the Big Screen: A Tale of Friendship and Adventure”

Photo supplied by Studio Canal

“RUNT,” adapted from Craig Silvey’s bestselling novel, is a delightful Australian family film that blends heartfelt moments with humour. The story centres around eleven-year-old Annie Shearer and her best mate Runt, a stray dog she adopts.

This live-action feature is brought to life on screen by West Australian author Craig Silvey. It is directed by multi-award-winning Director John Sheedy (known for “H is for Happiness”) and produced by Jamie Hilton from See Pictures (“June Again,” “Breath”).

Runt features an ensemble of top-tier Australian talent, including Jai Courtney, Celeste Barber, Deborah Mailman, Matt Day, and Jack Thompson. Two fresh faces lead the cast: nine-year-old Lily LaTorre, who portrays the courageous Annie Shearer, and rescue dog Squid, who plays Runt (pictured).

On Thursday, Craig Silvey expressed his pride in the film, saying, “I am incredibly proud of this beautiful, uplifting film. Our exceptional cast and talented crew have captured the heart and humour of the book perfectly. I can’t wait for audiences of all ages across Australia to experience RUNT.”

Released in 2022, the novel “RUNT” garnered significant acclaim, winning multiple prestigious Australian literary awards. These include the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Book of the Year for Young Readers, Book of the Year for Younger Children at the Australian Book Industry Awards, and overall Book of the Year at the Australian Indie Book Awards. The book’s success underscores its wide appeal and its resonant themes with readers. Check out the trailer below to catch a glimpse: