Nintendo Australia Unveils Emma Watkins as New Face of Nintendo Switch Campaign

Photo supplied by Nintendo Switch

In an exciting announcement, Nintendo Australia has revealed that the multi-talented Australian children’s entertainer, singer, actress, and dancer Emma Watkins is the latest celebrity to grace the screens in a dynamic brand campaign for the Nintendo Switch.

Emma skillfully showcases how the Nintendo Switch seamlessly integrates into her active lifestyle in this fresh campaign. With captivating games like Ring Fit Adventure, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Pikmin 4, the Nintendo Switch provides Emma with moments of relaxation and enjoyment amid her bustling work schedule and touring commitments.

A genuine aficionado of the Nintendo Switch, Emma enthuses, “It’s been such a thrill to partner with Nintendo Australia for this campaign and show how these games, and Nintendo Switch, form a part of my home routine and help me to relax and unwind by myself and with family. Sharing the fun with my husband and sister has been great too!” 

The campaign commercials also showcase the involvement of Emma’s sister, Hayley Watkins, and her husband, Oliver Brian, adding a heartfelt touch to the narrative. The debut TV commercial, highlighting the entertaining gameplay of Ring Fit Adventure and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, is already captivating audiences.

Explore the captivating world of Nintendo Switch with the first commercial starring Emma Watkins and her sister, Hayley. Immerse yourself in their journey of unwinding and connecting through the magic of Nintendo Switch.

Stay tuned for more engaging content and inspiring narratives as Nintendo Switch continues to bridge the gap between entertainment, lifestyle, and innovation.

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