Unveiling Darkness: 20th Century Studios Drops Chilling Trailer and Poster for ‘The First Omen’

Dive into the spine-chilling realms of suspense with an exclusive glimpse into the haunting trailer and poster of “The First Omen,” an upcoming psychological horror masterpiece by 20th Century Studios. Scheduled to cast its ominous shadow over Australian cinemas on April 4, 2024, this film stands as a prequel to the iconic horror franchise, promising an unnerving tale that explores the origins of malevolence.

Embark on a harrowing odyssey alongside a young American woman whose mission of service to the church in Rome becomes a descent into darkness. As she grapples with a sinister force that challenges the very core of her faith, a malevolent conspiracy unveils itself, poised to usher in the birth of unadulterated evil. With a stellar cast including Nell Tiger Free, Tawfeek Barhom, Sonia Braga, Ralph Ineson, and Bill Nighy, “The First Omen” is helmed by director Arkasha Stevenson, drawing from characters created by the legendary David Seltzer.

Immerse yourself in a gripping narrative crafted by Ben Jacoby, complemented by a screenplay skillfully penned by Tim Smith, Arkasha Stevenson, and Keith Thomas. The film is brought to life through the collaborative efforts of esteemed producers David S. Goyer and Keith Levine, with Tim Smith, Whitney Brown, and Gracie Wheelan serving as executive producers, ensuring that the cinematic experience is as chilling as it is unforgettable. Prepare to witness the genesis of terror as “The First Omen” beckons you into its malevolent embrace.

Check out the trailer below: