Get Ready for the Digital Adventure! Disney Just Dropped the First Glimpse of “TRON: Ares” Coming in 2025!

Hold onto your identity discs, Disney fans! The much-anticipated “TRON: Ares” is officially in the works, bringing the iconic TRON universe back to life. This latest installment, directed by Joachim Rønning, promises to blend cutting-edge design, technology, and storytelling to deliver an electrifying experience.

A Journey Beyond the Grid: “TRON: Ares” takes us beyond the digital frontier, introducing Ares, a sophisticated Program with a mission that transcends the boundaries of the virtual realm. Ares ventures into the real world on a thrilling and perilous quest, marking a groundbreaking encounter between humankind and A.I. beings. The Grid is evolving, and so is the adventure!

All-Star Cast Lights Up the Screen: The film boasts an ensemble cast featuring Hollywood heavyweights such as Jared Leto, Greta Lee, Evan Peters, Hasan Minhaj, Jodie Turner-Smith, Arturo Castro, Cameron Monaghan, and the legendary Gillian Anderson. With such a stellar lineup, “TRON: Ares” is set to dazzle audiences with both talent and visual spectacle.

Save the Date: 2025 Arrival! Production kicked off in January in the vibrant city of Vancouver, and the movie is scheduled to hit theaters in 2025. The wait is on, but if the first look is any indication, “TRON: Ares” is gearing up to be an immersive experience that will transport fans back into the heart of the digital grid.

Director’s Excitement: Director Joachim Rønning is thrilled to be at the helm of “TRON: Ares,” expressing his excitement about building upon the legacy of the TRON franchise. He states, “Now more than ever, it feels like the right time to return to the Grid.” Fans can expect a fusion of nostalgia and innovation in this cinematic journey.

A Legacy Continues: “TRON: Ares” follows in the groundbreaking footsteps of Disney’s 1982 classic “TRON” and its 2010 sequel “TRON: Legacy.” With a fresh narrative, state-of-the-art visuals, and an all-star cast, this new chapter is poised to capture the imaginations of both longtime TRON enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Prepare for an Adventure Like Never Before – “TRON: Ares” is Set to Illuminate Screens in 2025!