“Richard Roxburgh Leads Stellar Cast in ‘The Correspondent’ – A Riveting Tale of Courage and Survival

Mohamed Fahmy (Julian Maroun), Baher Mohamed (Rahel Romahn) and Peter Greste (Richard Roxburgh) in

The Correspondent. Photo by John Platt.

Today marks the conclusion of filming in Sydney, Australia, for “The Correspondent,” a compelling feature film centered around the experiences of Peter Greste, an acclaimed foreign correspondent. Greste, alongside two colleagues, faced arrest in Cairo in 2013 while working for Al Jazeera, charged with terrorism offenses.

Directed by Kriv Stenders (“Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan,” “Red Dog”) and penned by Peter Duncan (“Rake,” “Operation Buffalo”), the screenplay draws from Greste’s memoir, ‘The First Casualty.’

Leading the cast is Richard Roxburgh (“Rake,” “Elvis”) as Peter Greste, with Julian Maroun (“Fighting Season”) and Rahel Romahn (“Shantaram”) portraying his arrested colleagues, Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed, respectively. The ensemble also includes Yael Stone (“Orange is the New Black”), Nic Cassim (“Mr Inbetween”), Mojean Aria (“Shayda”), Fayssal Bazzi (“Stateless”), Majid Shokor (“House of Gods”), Josh McConville (“Elvis”), and Hazem Shammas (“The Clearing”).

Set against the backdrop of the Arab Spring in Christmas 2013, the film delves into Greste’s abrupt detention and subsequent accusations of terrorism, thrusting him into a harrowing ordeal where survival hinges on challenging a formidable regime for his freedom.

Carmel Travers, a former foreign correspondent and the first female Head of News and Current Affairs for an Australian television network, produces the film through Pop Family Entertainment. Travers expresses excitement about the stellar performances and the powerful narrative brought to life by the talented cast and director Kriv Stenders.

“The Correspondent” receives production funding from Screen Australia, in association with Screen NSW, with additional support from Jovial Planet Productions, Spectrum Films, Dreamlight Studio, and the Adelaide Film Festival Investment Fund.

Grainne Brunsdon, Director of Content at Screen Australia, underscores the importance of sharing such a vital story with global audiences, praising the project for its enlightenment, passion, and courage.

Kyas Hepworth, Head of Screen NSW, lauds the collaborative efforts of the film’s creative team, highlighting the contribution of the NSW film industry and its diverse talents.

Maslow Entertainment handles distribution in Australia and New Zealand, while Moviehouse Entertainment oversees international sales. Marc Wooldridge, founder and managing director of Maslow Entertainment, expresses pride in being part of a project that promises to captivate audiences with its enduring themes of resilience, loyalty, and bravery.

Marc Wooldridge, founder and managing director of Maslow Entertainment, said: “The Correspondent promises to be an engrossing, tense, and thought-provoking film based on a true story of timeless relevance and grounded in the compelling themes of resilience, loyalty, and courage under fire. It’s the sort of interesting and ambitious project that we believe cinema audiences want to see more of, and so we are very proud to be part of this one.”

This article was sourced from a press release sent by Harriet of Nixco