Local Star Kya Stewart Takes the Stage in the Thrilling Fourth Season of World Monologue Games!

Once again, the global stage illuminates the realm of acting as World Monologue Games, the preeminent event of its kind, returns triumphantly for its highly anticipated fourth season. Among the outstanding talents selected for this year’s Regional Finals is Sydney’s own gifted actor, Kya Stewart, adding a local flair to this international showcase that brings together the finest performers from over 100 countries.

Unfazed by the industry disruptions, Kya courageously submitted an entry to the prestigious World Monologue Games, often dubbed the Olympics for Actors by the media. This spirited competition, spanning six distinct categories, sees thousands of international performers vying for a coveted spot on the podium.

Kya’s excitement upon being selected for the esteemed event’s Regional Finals is palpable. “Participating in this year’s World Monologue Games fills me with incredible excitement,” says Kya. “As I represent Australia, I’m joining a league of remarkable performers from around the world. The anticipation for my upcoming performance is electric.”

Initiated in 2020 by the visionary Australian producer Pete Malicki, World Monologue Games continues to grow from strength to strength. Looking ahead to this fourth season, Malicki says, “The calibre of submissions has soared, with judges noting a marked rise in quality. I’m eagerly awaiting the showcase of talents that the finest actors from numerous countries will bring to this year’s Games.”

Kya will be performing a captivating monologue about a distinct and touching personal memory she shares with her late Grandmother. Reflecting on the experience, Kya added, “I’m so excited to represent Australia in the games and to share a simple, yet meaningful, monologue about the power of love, human connection, and the way it shapes our lives”.

Tune in to the live stream of the Regional Finals where performers will compete for both cash prizes and the honour of gracing the podium at the Global Finals in November. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this unparalleled event: