A Night of Celebration and Camaraderie at the End of Year Drinks Hosted by Industry Titans

Photographer credit: Jones King Photography

In a dazzling display of unity and festivity, the End of Year Drinks hosted by WIFT NSW, Screen Vixens, Australian Screen Editors, Australian Cinematographers Society, and the Australian Screen Sound Guild was a resounding success. Held at the chic Watson’s EQ venue in Sydney, the event brought together luminaries from various branches of the Australian film and television industry.

The celebration, held on Friday, 8th December 2022, unfolded against the quaint backdrop of Gadigal Country. As the clock struck 6 pm, industry professionals and enthusiasts alike gathered to commemorate the successes of the past year and forge new connections for the future.

Watson’s EQ, with its elegant setting at 1 Bent Street, Moore Park, proved to be the perfect locale for an evening filled with laughter, networking, and mutual appreciation. The venue’s modern charm complemented the vibrant energy of the attendees, creating an atmosphere that resonated with the collaborative spirit of the industry.

The talented Jones King Photography team was on hand to capture the essence of the night, freezing moments of joy, camaraderie, and shared accomplishments. As industry peers toasted to another year of creativity, resilience, and innovation, the photographs serve as a visual testament to the collective strength and dynamism of the Australian film and television community.

The End of Year Drinks not only marked a festive conclusion to 2023 but also symbolised the industry’s unwavering commitment to collaboration and excellence. As the night ended, attendees left Watson’s EQ with hearts full of inspiration, looking forward to the promising endeavours that the future holds for Australian screen professionals.