Get Ready for a Dazzling Spectacle! Streets of Colour World Premiere Hits Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace on June 26!

Excitement is building as the world premiere of the highly anticipated Australian drama, Streets Of Colour, draws near. This compelling film is scheduled to make its grand debut on June 26 at the iconic Hayden Orpheum Cinema in Sydney, Australia. Audiences are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to witness this captivating production that promises to leave a lasting impact.

The choice of Hayden Orpheum Cinema as the venue for the world premiere adds to the anticipation surrounding the event. Located in the heart of Sydney, this historic cinema has been a cherished institution since its opening in 1935. Known for its stunning art deco architecture and commitment to showcasing a wide range of films, Hayden Orpheum Cinema provides the perfect backdrop for the unveiling of Streets Of Colour.

“The idea for the film came from my personal experiences suffering at the hands of racism as a child, all the way through to my adult life. The brutality I witnessed was very confronting and frightening, how people treated me because I looked different. Those haunting images followed me for a long time. It wasn’t until it happened to me again in my 30s that I put pen to paper.” Streets Of Colour writer/director Ronnie S. Riskalla.

This captivating film brims with raw self-identity and searing anger, while delivering a desperate plea for peace and understanding. With an exceptional lead performance by Rahel Rohman, whose talents have graced films such as The Combination, Shantaram, and Here Out West, this movie radiates an unparalleled authenticity rarely seen in Australian cinema. Brace yourself for a contemporary masterpiece that will leave an indelible mark on your soul.

Follow the tumultuous journey of Tez, portrayed by the mesmerizing Rahel Rohman, a young Middle-Eastern man hailing from Sydney’s western suburbs. Tez grapples with the challenges of straddling two cultures and growing up in a misunderstood neighborhood. Consumed by a deep-rooted self-hatred for his identity and the skin he was born into, Tez finds himself at a crossroads when a life-altering event shatters his world. Losing his pregnant girlfriend, his friends, and everything he holds dear, he spirals into a self-destructive abyss, resorting to drugs and dealing as his path veers perilously downward.

Yet, amidst the darkness, a glimmer of hope emerges. True love and an emotional odyssey of self-discovery, culture, and spirituality beckon to Tez, promising redemption and a chance to reclaim his shattered life. As the gripping narrative unfolds, audiences will witness Tez’s relentless pursuit of meaning and healing, grappling with his past, his roots, and the inner demons that threaten to consume him.

Streets Of Colour tackles poignant themes with unflinching honesty, shedding light on the universal struggles of identity, belonging, and the human desire for redemption. Through Riskalla’s masterful storytelling, the film delves deep into the heart of contemporary Australian society, challenging preconceived notions and fostering a profound understanding of our complex world.

Rahel Rohman’s captivating performance anchors the film, immersing viewers in Tez’s emotional turmoil with unparalleled intensity. The on-screen chemistry and dynamic interactions with an exceptional ensemble cast further heighten the film’s impact, ensuring an unforgettable cinematic experience.

With Streets Of Colour, Riskalla has crafted a masterpiece that transcends boundaries, inviting audiences to confront their own biases, question societal norms, and embrace the transformative power of compassion and self-acceptance. This riveting drama pushes the boundaries of Australian cinema, delivering a message that resonates deeply within viewers’ hearts.

Prepare to be moved, challenged, and inspired as Streets Of Colour transports you into a world pulsating with emotion and gripping authenticity. Brace yourself for an unforgettable cinematic journey that will leave you contemplating the power of identity, the pursuit of redemption, and the universal yearning for understanding.

“I’ve had a passion for films since the age of five, and I was always drawn to stories that were meaningful and that affected me as a viewer,” says Ronnie S. Riskalla. “As much as I got lost in Hollywood fantasy films, I always found solace in real-world stories. The reason I wanted to tell this specific story is because it has the potential to be a captivatingly truthful depiction of people in our society. It will provide a gripping look into a world that is familiar to many, but also the underground world that a lot of people would never experience – the world of Western Sydney.” The story is inspired by and loosely based on Riskalla’s own life.

This powerful film intertwines a deeply personal narrative of struggle and redemption with a broader exploration of a vibrant working-class community devastated by drugs, violence, and cultural conflicts. It fearlessly exposes the complexities of life, showcasing both the beauty and the harsh realities. With an unwavering commitment to truth, Streets Of Colour spotlights the individuals caught amidst the chaos. A strong and impactful work from a passionate filmmaker deeply connected to the pulse of Australia, this film demands the attention it deserves, reflecting the nation’s current state.

“We couldn’t be more excited about getting this incredible film in front of local audiences,” says Dov Kornits, the managing director of distributor Screen Inc. “We’re certain that the film will kick-start some very, very interesting conversations. We can’t wait for the premiere on June 26.”

To coincide with the world premiere announcement, a second Streets Of Colour teaser trailer has been released and can be found below:

Streets Of Colour will premiere on June 26 at The Hayden Orpheum in Sydney. Tickets can be found here:
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Streets of Colour is distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Screen Inc. The film is produced by SkyCross Entertainment, in association with Frankendipity Enterprises and Rishi Raj Films, with Chief Executive Producer Dr. Raj Patankar and Executive Producers Drew Pearson and Nenif David.