Unveiling “Suka”: A Gripping Tale of Love, Loyalty, and Legacy in Western Sydney’s Underworld

In the heart of Western Sydney, where crime syndicates hold sway and power is the ultimate currency, the movie “Suka” promises to captivate audiences with its intense narrative and compelling characters. Directed by Heidi Lee Douglas and Co-written and Produced by Tsu Shan Chambers, this film was recently nominated for an AACTA Award for Best Film Score and Best Online Series at the SPA Awards. It delves deep into the tumultuous world of the Yang and Dawood clans, exploring themes of family, honor, and forbidden love.


“Suka” unfolds against the backdrop of a turf war between the Yang clan, led by the ruthless patriarch Jun, and the Dawood family, the last bastion of resistance against their tyranny. At the helm of the Dawood clan is Wasiya, a formidable matriarch who maneuvers behind the scenes to dismantle the Yang empire that cost her husband’s life.

Central to the story is Hui, Wasiya’s daughter, who returns to Australia unaware of her family’s dark history. Sheltered by her best friend Jay, Hui finds herself entangled in a web of intrigue when she crosses paths with Bo, the heir to the Yang dynasty. Despite their opposing allegiances, Hui and Bo are drawn to each other, igniting a forbidden romance that threatens to shatter the fragile peace between their families.

As Bo grapples with his loyalty to his father and his growing feelings for Hui, he is faced with an impossible choice when he is tasked with eliminating a traitor to the Yang clan. When Hui witnesses the assassination and falls into the clutches of Bo’s sister Fandi, the stage is set for a showdown that will determine the fate of Western Sydney.


  • Ethan Browne as Jay
  • Grace Huang as Fandi Yang
  • Jenny Wu as Hui Dawood
  • Paul He as Bo Yang
  • Tsu Shan Chambers as Wasiya Dawood

Director: Heidi Lee Douglas

Producer: Tsu Shan Chambers

“Suka” promises to be a cinematic tour de force, blending elements of action, romance, and intrigue to deliver a riveting viewing experience. With its stellar cast, talented crew, and gripping storyline, this film is poised to leave an indelible mark on the landscape of Australian cinema. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of “Suka,” where love and loyalty collide in a battle for supremacy.

What inspired the story? How did it come about?

The idea of SUKA came from Actor/Writer/Producer Tsu Shan Chambers and her experiences being on student exchange in China, stuck between two feuding host families. One of them owned half of what they called “Women’s Street.” Combined with Tsu Shan’s public health background and social impact aspirations, when she saw the gang wars occurring in Western Sydney, Tsu Shan wanted to convey a message to young people about the consequences of actions and inactions through an entertaining medium. Everything you do or don’t do matters.

What makes this story unique, and why should people watch it?

SUKA comes in two formats—a feature-length and a 6 x 12-minute interactive series as an additional offering. The interactive nature stems from the messaging about actions and consequences.

SUKA is also female and Asian-led in front of and behind the camera. Because it’s an action drama, such a story is rarely shot in Australia.

What was the production process like?

It was very challenging as we shot an action drama in three weeks, completely night shoots. We also had budget restrictions and had many first-time feature filmmakers, so it was a steep learning curve for some. However, we are incredibly proud of this team, who pulled together and created a magnificent visual and unique story on screen.

What was the most challenging part of bringing the project to light?

First-time feature filmmakers and obtaining the distribution required to trigger off the financing.

Did anything funny or exceptional happen on set?

Something that was exceptional was the actors learning the fight choreography in two weeks. Then, because of the locations, needing to learn new choreography within a couple of hours quickly. Our stunt coordinator, Jackie Murray, was amazing and incredibly supportive in making the action look great on screen.

What is the next step for the project?

We have Australian/New Zealand distribution with Umbrella Entertainment, and it will be released in North America by Synergetic Distribution on platforms such as Vudu/Fandango, Amazon, and Hoopla. Our rest of the world Sales Agent, Multivisionnaire, will also exploit Suka in other territories. We hope that SUKA 2 will get commissioned!

Has it won any awards or had any big achievements yet?

We just had its in-person premiere in Sydney, with over 300 fully packed cinemas. The interactive series format has also been accepted into the Sydney Web Fest. We look forward to more!

If you could redo anything in the process or the film itself, what would it be.

Follow your gut and make sure that your team’s experience matches the level of the budget of the film.

You can catch Suka via DVD, iTunes, NORTH AMERICA Vudu/Fandango, Amazon and Hoopla.